Rakhiel grew up on Gorge Uddhar and has grown up catching prey and living a life in contact with nature. Her exceptional abilities with a bow make her a very dangerous opponent. The primordial powers of her ancestors allow her to survive in even in the most hostile environments.

Rakhiels' unique skills caught the attention of Belenus, hierophant her race. The way she fights and her dedication to objectives are representative of Feline tactics in galactic battles.

She is known to be friends with Xelsilur, and it will be a tough fight if they are matched against each other in the arena.

The Calling

Rakhiel is briskly heading towards the meeting with the oracle, navigating the frustrating complex pathways of this neighborhood. They feel especially annoying to someone attempting to reach their destination quickly.

Passerby’s glance on with suspicion and move out of her way at the last second. The techmall consists of huge skyscrapers, their walls filled with virtual advertisements promoting popular goods throughout the galaxy, while partygoers can be spotted overlooking from the recreational roof gardens.

She cautiously passes by the Cetus-7 security people, trying not to attract their attention. This space city is definitely well guarded, but given the interests that govern the platform, she is certain it is best to avoid them.

Turning into a narrow pathway she enters an internal garden with towering trees and artificial hills. The floor here is gravel and the vegetation almost looks natural. A cold breeze permeates the environment and some of the leaves have developed a slight ice crust. She slowly moves uphill, approaching the prearranged meeting point. She is late, and Taz’ Xiluvar does not tolerate delays.

The entrance of the Serpente cave is covered in snow, and icy stalagmites are coming out of the ground, probably caused by some of their activities. She enters quickly attempting to call on the oracle.

Her irises widen as she becomes aware of the frozen Serpente dead bodies. Their expressions appear to indicate that they were attempting to escape right before their end.

For a moment, she hesitates to move, taking cautious steps, considering her options.

The person she is looking for seems to be frozen in place, his internal organs turned solid by the permeating snow.

Suddenly she hears a sound from behind her as a thick crust of ice starts to form, gradually blocking the entrance of the cave.

Rakhiel curses and runs with all her strength, attempting to escape before the door is completely closed.

Jumping at the last minute onto a final part not yet frozen, she only manages to bang her shoulder against the hard ice. Panic begins to set in, as she looks around for another escape path. With a beating heart that reaches a speedy tempo, she focuses her vision on the quickest hiding place that she could find.

It appears though, that she is too late.

Behind the ice a blurred female form slowly comes into focus. Rakhiel’s heart is about to explode. As the mysterious woman begins to speak, her tone of voice tells everything about her disposition as a friend or foe.

“It seems that you were easier to trap than I expected… Good… The oracle is dead, by the way. I apologize for having to do this quickly, but I suppose you will have more time to chat after I turn you into my servant.”