Killian Moore


Killian Moore is the most well known Star Trooper of the galaxy. Rumors say that he is over 50 years old. If it is true it would mean that he is exceedingly old for a Terran. No one knows why he is participating in the Arena.

The other races believe that this is an attempt at intimidating their warriors. “In the name of Nekranal we shall prevail” is what Killian said in his declaration to the public. Further information is not known, as Killian never takes interviews.

Another Time

Killian Moore is standing behind the mechanical entrance waiting to face his next opponent.

In such moments he finds solace in focusing on his strategy rather than considering the possibilities of future outcomes. His main advantage in any fight is his unique armor. Flexible but strong, full of protective runes, he wonders where he would be without it.

Suddenly a high pitched alarm goes off, indicating that the doors are about to open.

Compressed air pushes the heavy sheets of the mechanical door apart and Killian focuses his gaze towards the arena, searching for his opponent. The enemy seems to be holding a Plasma Blaster and judging by his armor he appears to be an experienced bounty hunter.

His opponent moves swiftly, shooting while using the terrain to protect himself between shots. His aim is good and some of the shots actually land. Fortunately for Killian, the runic armor he wears heals the wounds as soon as they are opened.

Killian runs towards his opponent ignoring the shots. In his arms he is brandishing the sacred weapon of Nekranal: NecroXis. Dashing forward, he shoots a number of energy bursts towards the short wall that his enemy is using for cover.

In reaction, his opponent throws a device that looks like some sort of a grenade. As the object falls beside him, Killian feels a strong pull towards the ground. He assesses rather late that this device can generate an artificial gravity field.

Yet another shot lands on Killian, injuring him further. His opponent takes the opportunity to increase the distance between them.

Killian considers a new strategy. Abandoning his weapon, he manages to extract himself from the gravity field. Wasting no time, he rushes towards the area where his equipment stash is located.

Deftly, he grabs a grenade launcher and turns to reach his opponent. It is however too late.

A pulse radiates throughout his body causing him unbearable, unprecedented pain. He tries to stand on his feet but his field of vision gets smaller and the ground feels like it is coming ever closer to his head. The last thing that registers in his consciousness is that he is about to fall straight into a trap full of explosives.

Killian’s dreams last forever. Waves of dead and living people seem to approach him in an ocean under a dark sky. An ocean made of bodies. The waves are trying to reach him. To touch him. When the waves approach he feels a terrible migraine. When they dissipate, debilitating pain clenches every part of his body.

Right as he is about to let the crowds take him, a hole opens up in the dark sky, letting bright light in. The hole begins to grow, gradually enveloping his entire field of vision.

His eyesight is relatively blurred, but in front of him, he can see the remains of the activated explosives. The runes on his armor glow brilliantly with strong greenish hues.

Looking up, his opponent seems dumbfounded. He does not seem to believe what his eyes have seen. Without making any sudden movements Killian slowly raises the grenade launcher in his arms, pointing towards him. The shot is successful, blowing away his opponent’s cover.

Now there is no place left in the arena for someone to hide. While his opponent runs to avoid getting shot, Killian paces towards his stash and picks up a large two-handed Shock Axe.

With the distance of the fighters now closer, the bounty hunter appears to have abandoned the strategy of shooting behind walls and has activated his electronic wristbands, forming circular energy shields on each of his arms.

His body language indicates he will attempt to perform some kind of tricky maneuver, but Killian is ahead of him. The large Shock Axe arcs horizontally towards the bounty hunter as he bends down, passes under Killian and positions himself behind him.

Killian is prepared for this however, having balanced the attack in such a way as to be able to turn abruptly. The Shock Axe continues to arc sideways at 180 degrees as Killian turns around, biting deep into the belly of his opponent.

Killian presses a button with his thumb located a few centimeters above the grip of the weapon, activating the electrical discharge.

The crowd hears the screams of this unfortunate warrior, writhing in pain from the electric shock. Killian withdraws his bloodied Axe from the belly of his unfortunate opponent, letting him fall to his knees.

He ponders for a few seconds, the reasons behind this warrior’s decision to fight in the arena. Maybe in the beginning his neat tricks gave him a slight advantage but it was only a matter of time until he made a fatal mistake.

A weak and hoarse voice emanates from the bounty hunter spelling out the following:

- “If you let me live I will deliver a message to you. You, Killian, are participating in a meaningless fight.. While at the same time countless warriors fall on the battlefield to honor your name.”

The crowd is ecstatic and rise up shouting Kill, Kill, Kill. Killian on the other hand has just realized that this person has put themselves in mortal danger just to deliver a message.

He feels no pity for him. He came here knowingly. As a sign of respect to from warrior to warrior however, Killian nods, implying that he will accept the message.

Turning around, he stares at the audience, lifts up the Shock Axe and lets it fall to the ground. Extending his arm to his blood-stained opponent through a hidden pocket he receives an Electronic Pad.

Killian turns and leaves the arena. The public seems to disagree with his decision, but as he exits it gradually calms down.

As the mechanical door seals behind him, Killian activates the Electronic Pad in order to see the message. The screen flickers for a moment, and then displays a bizarre collection of alternating symbols and geometric shapes. The diversity of these large and they alternate quickly, causing a kaleidoscopic effect that would make anyone dizzy.

Sudden memories bombard his mind: A battle where he has saved a planet; A genocide imposed on people unable to defend themselves; Countless innocents dying.

Killian has never been to these locations, nor does he know any of these people. Gradually however, an overwhelming sensation creeps up to him, making him feel that he is somehow responsible for their deaths.

As the minutes pass he acquires new nuggets of memory that seem to surface from a dark place in his mind. He feels that maybe they were put there because he could not bear to remember the weight of his actions.

A strong memory awakens a feeling of sadness. This memory has to do with a female Zylox