Goran Strom


Goran is an expert fighter and master technician. He has claimed publicly that he is also a master assassin and hacker but it is just perceived to be a tactic to scare his opponents. He is here in Cetus-7 as his life is slowly coming to an end due to the biomass infection.

According to his many interviews, his intention is to win the tournament and then cure biomass.

Arena analysts think that despite his ludicrous statements, he is a serious opponent that should not be taken lightly by other participants.

Blown Out Gamble

The platform Cetus-7 is one of the most popular and famous metropolises of the galaxy. Buildings thousands of meters high have been erected by the Terrans forming large concentric rings, each larger than the previous one.

The center of the platform is dominated by a gigantic arena surrounded by six smaller ones. Each arena is a different battlefield, offering diverse options for combatants to test their mettle.

An imposing dome surrounds the platform, ensuring ideal atmospheric conditions for all the differing visiting races.

Goran has never been to Cetus-7 before, but he’s had a lot of time these days to familiarize himself with it. He’s been on a mission, stalking his target, and slowly beginning to learn all about his habits.

The target, Georgi Ivankof, is an unremarkable Terran. Every night he visits some bar and watches another fight in the arena, mostly fights that involve the Terran champion, Killian Moore.

He does not seem to take part in anything exciting, making Goran briefly reflect on what it is that this person might have done in order to receive such a significant bounty on his head. On the other hand, based on what he has seen so far, he is not that interested to actually want to find out.

Goran’s stash includes some of the most advanced equipment in Terran space, allowing him to move undetected even in crowded places. The most important part of the mission itself is not the assassination, but rather how to avoid the security checkpoints as well as the ensuing manhunt.

In his room there is a credit card with a very considerable sum, enough for someone to live wealthy for many Terran lives Goran ponders if this sum will be able to ensure a safe escape. The spasms throughout his body are getting more frequent these days, causing significant pain. Lately they have been increasing in intensity as well.

He should not delay anymore. Once the mission is complete his employer will ensure that he is one of the few Terrans that survive their thirtieth birthday.

The streets are crowded with holographic displays towering over them, some streaming the fights currently taking place and some providing aftershow analysis. As different fighters are depicted on the holowalls groups of people lift their arms and yell, displaying support for their contestant of choice. It is amazing how everyone in this city has become addicted to the fights.

Goran moves to the north district waiting for Georgi’s arrival to his usual Tuesday bar. Georgi is one of those guys that like classic things, like live music coming from actual physical instruments. He has a habit of only drinking whiskey, from a glass, and always with two large ice cubes.

Goran stands next to one of the walls and observes Georgi’s every movement. The bar’s lights must be playing tricks on his zoom lenses, making Georgi’s hair appear as if they have gray hairs here and there. That would be impossible for his age, unless he is somehow older than thirty.

As Georgi leaves the bar and heads to the restroom, Goran follows casually hastening his step.

He explores the stalls of the restroom one by one, but Georgi is nowhere to be found. Inside one of the stalls a passage can be found, large enough to fit a Terran. Looking through the passage there is a dim light beaming from further inwards.

Goran activates his night vision and the suit that makes him invisible. Entering into the passage he can now clearly see Georgi’s form in the next room, sitting on a wooden chair with his back towards him. He slowly and silently takes out a Plasma Blaster, aiming straight for Georgi’s back.

Suddenly a resolute voice is heard inside the room.

- ”Lower your weapon. There is no need for anyone to get hurt.”

There is such confidence in the tone that makes Goran question whether he is not as invisible as he thought. From the other side of the room, two soldiers appear, aiming their weapons straight at him.

The voice continues:

- ”Enter the room and you will be illuminated about a number of things.”

Goran’s mind is racing as he is considering his different escape routes. What makes him uneasy though is that he knows that voice. He has been listening to that voice nonstop over the past few weeks.

Georgi slowly turns towards Goran.