Erietne Merakal


Erietne is a wildcard. Little is known about her abilities. It is said that she is a divine warrior with unfamiliar powers. She has rarely made public statements and seems to always be surrounded by a large entourage of bodyguards.

Operational Guarantees

- The project is being implemented. We now have the data for all warriors likely to fight in the arena. Some of them are easy targets and some are difficult.

- Erietne “Was the Oracle located?”

- He is currently accommodated in the Serpente District. The hard part in dealing with these creatures is to pinpoint their location. If an operation is initiated we will need the detection equipment. They are still in transit.

- Erietne “I will form a thin crust of ice throughout the district. That will help with detection. What do we know about Xelsilur and Rakhiel? ”

- These two always move together. We expect them to visit the Oracle in a few hours for the anointment.

- Erietne “Good. We will deal with them after the Oracle matter has been settled.”

- There are two more warriors who may pose a problem. They are not unfamiliar with mysticism but have come to the Galactic Arena for different purposes.

- Erietne “Which warriors are you talking about?”

- The first one is Kelp Zes and the second is Garsa Jaarog. Kelp Zes aims to destroy the Cyborg Deimos and is not interested in anything else. If for some reason however he gets wind of the anointment I have no doubts he will rush to the Oracle. Of course he will not just stop there. Darklings are addicted to power.

I do not know if Garsa Jaarog is aware of the Oracle’s presence. The information we have is that he participated in the battle of Defunct Stars. This implies he is a more complicated character than one would think.

- Erietne “Kelp Zes came only for revenge. He does not worry me. Regarding Garsa Jaarog let’s talk to our mercenary contacts to make sure his arrival on Cetus-7 is delayed. What about the other candidates?”

- The others have come for glory and wealth or they simply had no choice. They will not be involved in our plans. Nevertheless we should keep our eye on Killian Moore. It will be very hard to deal with someone who has the backing of the god of death himself.

- Erietne “Alright, back to your posts. We have to prepare for tonight.”