The Zylox

The Zylox can manipulate the form of tough materials at the molecular level. They look very much like the Terrans, with the only difference being their pale white hairless skin. Zylox form their own clothing through will alone, utilizing molecules that exist on the spot. Every member of this race has their own personality and a different way of thinking, which makes them solitary creatures, as they find it extremely difficult to agree with each other.

Zylox can communicate with each other with the power of their mind, and due to this ability they do not need to use their mouths. It comes as a surprise to many that despite this fact they are exceptional orators. They reproduce in the same fashion as Terrans, though brain to brain communication plays a bigger role into childbearing for a female Zylox. Their petite silhouette makes them seem fragile, however their brain is so advanced that they possess an intuitive sense of danger from all hazards.