The Terrans

The few scientists who successfully escaped before the immense explosions hit Gaia have become the forefathers of the Terran race. Over the passage of time, their descendants created four gigantic space platforms in orbit around Gaia, The largest one housing the metropolis Necrocity; the greatest technological achievement of the Terran race.

Each of the great space platforms extends for more than 80 kilometers in width and length, resulting in a combined landmass larger than 27,000 km2. The platforms rotate slowly over the epicenter of their vertical plane, ensuring a proper day and night cycle. Lacking a home planet, the Terrans now rely on these ancient man made areas as their bastion and sanctuary. Countless villages, smaller cities and industrial areas have been established, supporting their total economic power.

On the surface of the platforms lie huge pyramid shaped superstructures, the tallest ones extending into space more than 10 kilometers in height. The city is one of the major navigation centers for space transport in the galaxy. Some believe that it also serves as a navigation hub into different dimensions, though no such thing has ever been proven.

The remnants of the creatures twisted by Biomass in this solar system threaten the existence of the Terran race. For this reason, countless Terrans have sacrificed themselves in the name of science, in a desperate search for a cure. They have given up part of their nature in order to surgically graft bionic implants and prosthetics, providing them with increased Biomass tolerance, however small that tolerance may be.

The appearance of Biomass was a galactic catastrophe affecting many races within the galaxy. Many of the others decided to provide technology to the young Terrans, allowing them create a bastion of defense against all mutated creatures, lest the entire galaxy be lost.

The two most established organizations in Terran space; The scientific confederation of the Psychonauts and the clerics of the one true Terran god, Nekranal, have used their powers to resist the side-effects of Biomass, though the results they have to show for it are not very encouraging. A rumor persists in Necrocity that the remnants of Biomass are powerful enough to destroy the city, should they choose to do so.

Gaia is the third planet out of the nine of the solar system Umanar, where the sun is a rapidly dying star. All the system’s planets have inhospitably low temperature, and none of them are habitable. Scientists claim that in a few years the star will go nova, annihilating all living creatures in the system out of existence. Studies conducted by Terran scientists indicate that this would be an event that may actually aid any Biomass remnants on Gaia, as the spacetime disruption around the planet will likely prevent their destruction.

The solar system Umanar is the home of the Terrans, but they have other colonies across the stars.

A colony exists on the second planet of the star called Necros, a mining colony, and a source of the material Tetrafordium, a very valuable mineral ore. The scientific federation of the Psychonauts is also mining Plasnodiate, a material orders of magnitude more powerful than anything conventionally used in energy production. This element pulses with extraordinary energy when it comes in contact with living matter. Its atmosphere contains gas collected with specialized spaceships. Two great mining houses battle for control over the precious materials for their main client, the Psychonauts. The planet’s ecology is very hostile, inhabited by creatures that can survive extreme temperatures.

Another Terran redoubt exists in the fifth, and last in sequence, planet. It is called Eternia and it is a place the holy warrior priests of the god Nekranal guard zealously. Rumors claim that under exceptional circumstances, the last living god Nekranal appears in person to collect his yearly harvest of souls, and to confer his blessing to the priests that serve him. According to the gospel very few Terrans have the strength to witness the form of Nekranal, and individuals retreat with incredible haste from his presence. On Eternia, apprentice holy warriors are trained in the arts of war and in the apocryphal technique of Psychognosis. When their training is complete, they choose between two different paths, both of which involve communication and manipulation of souls. Those who communicate with souls are called Necrologists while those who manipulate the dead are called Harvesters. Some of the clerics have attained a higher understanding of what a soul really is and it is said they can draw out the souls of living creatures, ending their life in a fraction of a second.

The Terran army holds great power in the metropolis. On the highest levels of Necrocity, military bases are setup by the Terran Army Federation. Four colossal Terran motherships are docked there a permanent basis, their massive size making it difficult for the casual observer to notice where Necrocity ends and the starships attach.

For the past few centuries the rest of the advanced races in the galaxy they have maintained a close alliance with the Terrans, as they are located on the forefront of the galaxy against Biomass. They provide them with materials at low prices, allowing them to build advanced installations and weapon systems.