The Basics

It has been 540 years since the apocalypse. Following a massive galactic outbreak, weapons of mass destruction were deployed to annihilate entire planets and purge them of all life.

The cause? Preventing an incursion of extremely dangerous microorganisms called Biomass

The races that live in the galaxy are on the brink of extinction. Biomass has invaded the genetic code of every living being. Through the passage of time, it mutates its victims into a perversion of their current self.

This unimaginable threat has transformed life in the galaxy. 540 years after the outbreak, time and space has been warped and twisted around the planet Gaia. It is believed that Gaia is a gathering point for creatures polluted by Biomass, and that the ground is being prepared for a second apocalypse, soon to come.

The few scientists who successfully escaped before the immense explosions hit Gaia have become the forefathers of the Terran race. Over the passage of time, their descendants created four gigantic space platforms in orbit around Gaia, The largest one housing the metropolis Necrocity; the greatest technological achievement of the Terran race.