The Serpente

The Serpente were once one of the most powerful races of the galaxy. They protected the younger races from all threats during ancient times. Although their society is in decline and only few of them are left in the galaxy, they enjoy significant respect from the other races. Serpente are legendary for their honesty and the protective role they have played in the past.

They are also famous for their Psi Warriors, idolized by many as galactic heroes. Psi Warriors attempt to find enlightenment, living a plain life with no self-indulgence, while trying to grapple with the powerful primitive emotions lurking inside them.

Their cities are built on high mountaintops where large crystal obelisks can be seen channeling Psi Energies. Serpente settlements are considered impregnable, and no race would ever dare attack one.

The Serpente are amphibious, their skin and their limbs covered with reptilian scales. They come in other shapes and forms much larger and animalistic, however these Serpente have rarely been seen by other races in recent times.