Life in Necrocity

No-one could ever see all of Necrocity in a lifetime, especially a Terran one. The city’s bustling nightlife and ethereal social environment, is controlled from the top, by the strict priests of Nekranal, sitting on their gigantic pyramids, deciding life for everyone on the layers.

Necrocity, or Nc, as some of the new insiders call it, is composed of many layers built on top of each other. Each layer has the characteristics of the era it was built on, exposing many of the values and cultural transformations happening during those times. One could easily get lost navigating them, they have no well-planned connections, and occasionally areas seem to disappear when there should be more space. The layers number in the thousands, their exact number changing too often to keep a good record.

Any social life for young humans takes place underground, on the deepest and most hidden layers, where the priests have little influence, and do not care to impose order. The top layers house the impressive corporate, scientific, religious, and military organizational structures.

It is impressive, what gets accomplished there on a regular day: Alien dignitaries pass by to meet their colleagues in inter-solar diplomatic negotiations; Mining operations are planned and executed for thousands of remote locations; financial markets rearrange vast quantities of wealth along the galaxy; enormous groups of tourists and religious adherents visit the gigantic upper layers of the holy city; and above all, the military watches. Listening to the combined wisdom of the priesthood on where warfare is needed.

Such is the life in Nc, Little fun is to be had there, as whatever pleasures you accomplish along the day, will be wiped out by night time, as soon as you fall sleep.

Seeing the grey insides of the city while inside a shuttle, one imagines the city as a rumbling place, a place that should not be but yet is. By some strange form of human will the city has survived. It has thrived, in this grey way. A testament to human ingenuity.

Large tunnel highways exist in all parts of the city, going in all conceivable directions, up, down, left, right, and everything in between, sometimes snaking up along the bases of large buildings, traveling in straight or twisted lines and sometimes opening fully to the space above the city, allowing shuttles to fly on to the next stop.

The shuttles feel and behave like giant, thick flying snakes composed of lightweight metal. Their different wagons are connected to each other with mechanical joints that allow all degrees of movement in three-dimensional space.