The Holy City

At the heart of Necrocity lies an enormous isosceles trapezoid pyramid superstructure called The Vault of Tormented Souls. It is by far the largest single building in terms of volume in the city. Surrounded by powerful Psionic Energies, reaching 7 kilometers high and 16 kilometers wide at its base, it was constructed by the Priests of Necranal to house all the tormented souls of the deceased; A channel that connects the world of the living to that of the dead.

A special chamber inside the vault safeguards the empty carcass of the Lord of Death, Nekranal who anoints the Acolytes and Death Knights with supernatural powers.

The priests lecture that souls flow and diffuse in special chambers inside the vault, reliving the most pleasant and unpleasant moments of their lives, wishing that one day they will live again. Thus the gospel proclaims that this is the source of the energy that allows the survival of the Terran race.

All thirty year old Terrans are required to deliver their soul in this building, to be cleaned from corruption, and be prepared for their new life. This transition from the old to the new life is proudly called the purgatory procedure.

The area around the Vault houses many smaller isosceles trapezoid pyramids. It is swarming with priests tending to their duties, and is known colloquially as “The Holy City” .