The few scientists who successfully escaped before the immense explosions hit Gaia have become the forefathers of the Terran race. Over the passage of time, their descendants created four gigantic space platforms in orbit around Gaia, The largest one housing the metropolis Necrocity; the greatest technological achievement of the Terran race.

Each of the great space platforms extends for more than 80 kilometers in width and length, resulting in a combined landmass larger than 27,000 km2. The platforms rotate slowly over the epicenter of their vertical plane, ensuring a proper day and night cycle. Lacking a home planet, the Terrans now rely on these ancient man made areas as their bastion and sanctuary. Countless villages, smaller cities and industrial areas have been established, supporting their total economic power.

On the surface of the platforms lie huge pyramid shaped superstructures, the tallest ones extending into space more than 10 kilometers in height. Necrocity itself is composed of four joined sub-platforms. The city is one of the major navigation centers for space transport in the galaxy. Some believe that it also serves as a navigation hub into different dimensions, though no such thing has ever been proven.

The Terrans have succeeded in reducing human impulse to the lowest level it has ever been in the last 540 years, to the point where feelings are rare, controlled through the use of toxic drugs distributed through sleep chambers. In this way, war between Terrans is now a thing of the past. Anyone committing major crimes is sentenced back to the planet Gaia, where cannibalistic mutated Terrans, flesh eating grasshoppers, as well as other mutated predators still reside.

The Terran army holds great power in the metropolis. Its soldiers are aptly trained to endure any level of pain and fatigue, and they also possess a small resistance to harmful chemicals. On the highest levels of Necrocity, military bases exist that belong to the Star Troopers, the elite troops responsible for the security of all Terrans. The bases are armed with the most advanced Terran weapon systems. Four colossal Terran Motherships are docked there a permanent basis, their massive size making it difficult for the casual observer to notice where Necrocity ends and the starships attach.

The constructs of the priests of Nekranal are the easiest landmarks to spot in the city, not only because they are the most massive, taking enormous swaths of space and going up to 7 kilometers in height, but also due to their shape, which is that of an isosceles trapezoid pyramid. Many of them house gigantic facades of the scull of Nekranal, adding to the overall mind-numbingly terrifying appearance of the city.

The priests maintain that Nekranal himself, Lord of the afterlife, established the headquarters of this platform in response to the billions of Terran souls who perished during the coming of Biomass. In such a way, an incredibly influential militant religious sect was created, spreading to believers all over the galaxy and gaining the respect of nearly all advanced races in this corner of space.

Despite the best efforts of the Terrans, crime and corruption in Necrocity are still big issues, as criminals of all kinds make their home there. Organized crime, illicit experimentation, military abuses, illegal substances, and muscle for hire are not difficult to find for whoever is looking.