Belenus - The Hierophant

It was one of those days when all the stars and signs were aligned and indicated that something very big was about to disturb the balance on the planet.

Belenus the Sunlit could see small moments into the future for a brief time, and what he saw caused him to take drastic measures, such that none hitherto had dared to.

As a senior Hierophant of the Felines, he was entrusted to keep only for himself all the esoteric and occult secrets that he knew. The people of the tribe of Felines are not yet ready to embrace such knowledge. It would cause great inconvenience and imbalance in society and their planet.

Belenus enjoyed greater respect than most people, as a spiritual sage he had guided his people with wisdom and prudence, avoiding wars and suffering. One of the inconveniences of this prosperity is the partial lack of public access to knowledge. Compared with other races, the Felines would live in very primitive conditions.

On the last day before the dark event, Belenus decided to walk for a last time on the Gorge Uddhar, or the Gorge of Recovering Life as it would be called in other tongues, to enjoy the uniqueness of the mesmerizing scenery.

The Gorge is one of the few places on Ulloriaqun, The Planet of Stars, which maintained plant vegetation and animals. Stone walls emerged between fields of huge trees with dense foliage that sparingly branched out. Although one would expect the trees to have an oblique inclination, the need for photosynthesis forced them to grow upwards. On the walls of the gorge one could distinguish several layers of caves connected by a complex of stone arches and bridges. At the entrances of the caves carved crystals were placed for decorative purposes, but also to illuminate the potential hazards of this exotic structure.

Gorge Uddhar has a length of more than 15 hundred kilometers, and covers one third of the land area of the planet. The route zig-zags slightly left and right with its direction moving parallel to the equinoctial zone. During the night the Mnemonic Crystals of the gorge glow in various shades of green. An observer looking from space above would have the impression that the Gorge looks like a weak cardiogram. The remaining areas have been bombarded by hundreds of meteors, creating huge craters, some of them reaching a few hundred meters in depth.

The constant bombardment has effected many times the movement of the planet’s tectonic plates, thus creating volcanic landscapes and Gorge Uddhar itself. The continuous flow of lava was one of the reasons that almost all water reserves on the planet have evaporated, turning the majority of the landscape into a dry desert. The immense impacts of the unique meteorites created the appropriate temperatures to produce the adamantine crystal-complexes called Maanabh.

The Maanabh or otherwise Mnemonic Crystals are powerful objects bursting with mystical potential; they have been used by the Hierophants since antiquity, who infuse them with mighty Psionic Energies.

The infused Psionic Energies have the quality of recording audio and video knowledge and events at times when planet and the race of Felines go through significant changes in their culture or civilization. Because of the characteristics of these crystals, Ulloriaqun has become a colony of many races, all making their livelihood through mining.

Due to extensive depth of Gorge Uddhar, partial protection is provided to its insides from the continuous meteor showers. The Felines with the help of the Serpente, have constructed huge arches connecting the two sides of the gorge, thus creating an appropriate infrastructure composed of the Shield buildings of Tamegan.

These buildings, that resemble huge stone pillars, rise from the tops of the arches and have enormous Mnemonic Crystals attached to their highest point. During a meteor shower, the crystals release Psi Energies that have accumulated in them, forming an energy dome. These meteorite-proof energy domes protect Gorge Uddhar, providing complete coverage to all creatures living there from incoming destruction of all types.

It was too late for the spiritual fathers of the race to react.

Describing Belenus

Belenus was wearing his white ceremonial robe. The sleeves and collar composed of gold colors, symbolizing the totality of Power held by the society of Felines.

His facial structure looked similar to the animal called Tiger by Terrans in ancient Gaia. His body was furry. Several tribal emblems were formed by the fur in black color along the length of his figure. On the front side, the fur was very thin and lightweight having yellowish shades. Looking gradually toward the back side, the coat took on the hue of ocher, from yellow to deep orange and brown.

These tribal designs were created unconsciously by his body and provide an indication of the status and accomplishments that the Feline has achieved in his personal life. Although decades have passed since he was born, it is almost impossible for a Terran to discern the signs of time on him. He looked pretty muscular and outlined, large curved claws emerging from the edges of his fingers, his height reaching about 2m. The shape of his body allowed him to walk normally in both legs.

The Hierophant face indicated that he has significant experience. While one would expect him to have a wild look in his eyes, Belenus radiates calm and his overall appearance indicates a creature with significant intellect. The pupils of his eyes form a spindle shape with a vertical layout. The eyes have a yellow-green hue and glow with a golden hue when he is excited or during the ecstasy of battle.

His cat-like ears are pointed and always stretched upward, picking up even the smallest noises around him. His snout is black and his nose wide. On his mouth 4 relatively short canines are clearly visible, the shortness being the result of a life-time consumption of processed food.

On his chest a burn mark is obvious, portraying a perfectly symmetrical golden circle. This circle intersects 7 radii of different sizes, delineated from the surface of the circle outward. The radii continue their initial outward course covering a sizable part of the body, some of them ending up on the extremities of his body.

A popular story describes that on the day when Belenus received the honor of holding the highest office, he was touched by Belen. The star powering all life in this solar system.

The Dark Event

The sages gathered in the Tower of the Protector Pertahuan, waiting for Belenus to leverage the Power of Fate. A Psi Energy Force only Hierophants are able to utilize. The Power of Fate is able to prevent a large ominous unstoppable future event from slowly becoming reality, and affecting their people.

All attendees placed their hands upon the largest known Maanabh Crystal, analyzing important information on the largest transition periods suffered by their race and the events shaping their solar system.

Gradually some of the images they were able to draw from the crystal became unrecognizable, as they reference events that have not yet happened, at least in this reality. Belenus reveals to the other sages the foretelling of a dark future to be fulfilled in very short time.

The Feline people have been in the past victims of countless devastating disasters, from very large meteor showers, allowed in by the atmospheric composition of the Uddhar, to the most uncommon and unpredictable calamity, This is the first time that Belenus’s voice betrays emotions, more specifically distress and terror.

Belenus. "The Power of Fate has no effect in the face of what is going to happen. Some entity I would struggle to describe intervenes to suppress even my own strength."

"Today I have called you to prepare you for what we have to do, and for us to part with the most powerful object that is currently in the hands of our people; the Supreme knowledge. "

"The indications of the future we just shared, we will have to utilize the Protection Crystal to transmit them to perhaps the only person in the galaxy that can do something to help us. His name has been forgotten by the centuries but his actions will shine until the stars go silent. Beyond that, it is up to Master Serpente, Zenguashai Prajuritoritox to rescue the last remains of our race. "

The other sages, having witnessed the foretelling of the future, give no objection to this venture. Belenus elevates the huge Maanabh Crystal until it is at a height the same level as his chest. The Sages begin to mumble a prayer which begins as a whisper and slowly increases in volume with time. The crystal starts glowing in such a way that its light is diffused across Gorge Uddhar.

Slowly, it becomes bright enough to prevent any living creature to look directly at the light without closing its eyes.

The chanting of the Sages reaches a peak that can be heard several kilometers distance, echoing across the walls of the gorge. Immediately afterwards, the huge blinding bright light is sucked supernaturally inside the etched circle on the chest of Belenus. The crystal ceases to exist.

The Hierophant is possessed by an enormous force which could shape and vast areas of the planet by thought alone. His eyes glow gold and his voice does not seem to come from his mouth.

All the sages are terrified of the power flowing through him, as none until now has dared to attempt such a risky endeavor. The etching on his chest has been transformed into a bright golden disc, and the rays that surround him slowly turn into the colors of the rainbow.

Belenus raises his hands high and unleashes an accumulated beam of light utilizing the energy that surrounds him. This transmission of energy extending from his chest to the local star Belen is so strong that it causes multiple small earthquakes along the gorge.

Belenus. "Belen, the protector of our people will spread its rays across the galaxy to locate Master Serpente. Its superluminal rays convey a message which is a warning to all other peoples. The future of our galaxy is bleak and I do not know if it can be reversed."

The Iskhiarothian Invasion

The sunset will be the last memory of Belenus. The last few Mnemonic Crystals have been activated and the VIPs are ready to leave the planet.

Priority was given to teachers, artisans, masons and hunters, as they have the skills to find new planets and colonize them. A cluster of Mnemonic Crystals have been prepared for the trip.

Belenus softly touches the crystals and reads the design details of a specific type of starship. Immediately after interpreting the requisite knowledge, he commands the crystals grow and take the form of the massive starship. The crystals utilize the knowledge of the properties of the starship and speedily reproduce its form and functions.

The crystal starship slowly ascends from the planet Ulloriaqun, rescuing with it a small part of the Feline culture. Moments afterwards the star Belen starts decreasing its glow, losing its energy, forever.

Everything happens exactly as the Hierophant witnessed through the Mnemonic Crystal.


The darkness remained for many days. Everyone knew that the light would not come back.

According to the Maanabh Crystal, the sun was extinguished at the behest of unknown powerful entities. A dark funnel appeared from nowhere and absorbed all his energy.

More days passed without the presence of sunlight. All vegetation began to wither and all living creatures started dying. The suffering, anxiety about the future and the chaos that prevailed in the race of Felines, caused a complete debasement of everyone on the planet to their animal instincts. The gorge was transformed into a large battlefield, with the prevailing law becoming kill or be killed. With each passing day, the population dropped by a third. All that was built by the predecessors Belenus in the centuries of the Feline civilization disappeared within a few days. The need of survival can push a living creature to do unimaginable things.


A few weeks after the sunset, a strange energy appeared over Gorge Uddhar. To all observers, it looked something like a polymorphic translucent veil. The color of the veil was composed of bright yellow and pink hues and a graceful form giving it an inexplicable beauty.

As the veil hovered over the gorge a sweet soft sound pulsed in the surrounding area, like a melody that comes from synthesized musical instruments.

A creature, having recorded what it needed to record, appeared above the central arch and addressed the Felines. The voice of the creature was out-worldly and it seemed to come from all sides of the sky, covering the area of the entire planet. The timbre of the voice seemed electronic and strangely would not produce echoes on the walls of the gorge.

"Felines, the Iskhiarothian heeded your prayers and came to save you. Very soon we can introduce a new star, but will need a significant stock of crystals from this planet. "


Belenus and a few sages were the only people of the tribe of Felines with the knowledge of what actually happened. These entities, having the power to absorb the energy of a star, wanted to turn the Felines into eternal slaves, and force them to mine the Mnemonic Crystals. The crystals would give them tremendous knowledge about the future.

Their plan was perfect. They appeared as saviors at a time when there was a feeling of hopelessness. The survivors were ready to accept any price to prevent their extinction.

What they did not factor into their plans is that someone knows the truth about them and their plans. Belenus triggered a series of events with the message that he unleashed across the galaxy that will play out in the near future. At the moment the only thing to do is wait ...