Notholur - The Dragon Kin

Energy Beings possess a rather frightening appearance. An aura of violet shades pulses around them, giving off sparks like tiny lightning strikes. Their outline is similar to that of the tribe of Serpente but in this case their characteristics look altered. Any facial expression would be difficult to discern. Their violet sparks are intense and add to the impression that when looking at someone they can see the depths of his soul. They move with frightening speed, like a sudden gust of wind, making it extremely difficult to reach them.

They can easily deliver deadly blows to their opponents by transforming into Pulse Creatures. This transformation may prove disastrous for any of their allies though, as pulse creatures are unable to distinguish between friends and enemies.

Suddenly a powerful clang echoed through the battlefield and the ground shook, drawing the attention of every soldier in the vicinity.

Almost simultaneously, in the entire area of the Mount Uluru, huge Crystal Pillars emerged from the ground. They were composed of multi-facetted mirroring surfaces, reflecting the sun's rays. They speedily continued to grow in height, reaching an imposing 30 meters high. These constructs summon the souls of the ancestors of the Serpente, operating in a very similar fashion to a Terran Defensive Tower. A roar emanates from them, inducing fear and awe to all living creatures nearby.

As the ground shocks dissipate, the imposing figure of a warrior Serpente, brandishing a huge 4m lance made out of carved bone, can be seen inside one of the Crystal Pillars.

The bottom side of Serpente warrior’s bone weapon is worked in such a manner as to form disorderly curved blades, giving it the ability to shred its victims with every hit. It has runic symbols engraved on it indicating that the weapon holds Mystical Powers. In the mid-section and bottom of the lance there are two horn shaped handles that the warrior of this breed can hold with both hands. The symbols seen on the weapon shimmer with a golden glow, activated by the warrior’s mind, causing the lance to vibrate on its own initiative. Mystical weapons can penetrate even the toughest metal armors and injure creatures from other dimensions or intangible objects. It is said that this specific weapon was once the tooth of an entity that Terrans, unable to characterize otherwise, gave it the moniker of "Dragon".

The warrior emerged from the Crystal Pillar, standing on top of its highest point, haughty, without a trace of fear of the opponents lined up at the foot of Mount Uluru.

Although humanoid in stature, his skin was composed of scales and flakes. His overly muscular body possessed a backbone consisting of huge triangular protruding bones, diminishing in size as they lead to the edge of his long tail. On his shoulders and back, wide and bulky bones protrude like an exoskeleton, providing the protection from dishonorable strikes to his back.

His head is reptilian in nature and consists of hundreds of flakes which are green and tan shades. The number of flakes on one’s face betrays and age of such a being. Their gills make them amphibian and instead of ears they have tube-like sensors which extend several inches from the back of their head. Their legs are a just a little bigger than their hands and the muscular arrangement allows them to move incredibly swiftly, like tiny lizards. The scales that lie along their body reflect the nuances of the natural surroundings at will, chameleon like, making them look inconspicuous.

The warrior's eyes are yellow, with light green and black spots. He has two pupils, which contract and expand depending on the ambient brightness. His face looks like a mix of several reptilian creatures, but it is very eerie in appearance, surrounded by many small bones which protrude outward like thorns. His hands have four huge fingers which result in thick claws.

The warrior’s legs have three toes in front and one at heel of his foot. From his ankles and shin, similar thorny bones are formed as the ones on his face, only larger. On his elbows and knees sharp scales stand out.

The warrior has a height of three meters, wearing an armor composed of thick and flexible bones which obscures the vulnerable parts of his body, his chest and thighs. The bones of the armor possess carved Mystical Symbols in golden hues giving the armor the ability to contract and expand depending on the movements of the warrior, including his breath.

The most powerful Mysticists of the Serpente can forge armor from the bones of their ancestors, giving it unparalleled properties. Such armor could formulate new bones, according to the wishes of the wearer, even when the user transforms himself into a Dragon. The armor maintains multiple concentrated sharp bone peaks, resistant to contact with any mêlée weapons.

The warrior is Notholour, hero of the Serpente. He is one of the Dragon Kin, the defenders of all Serpente colonies throughout the galaxy. He has lived many solar years and has fought in all the major battles involving the Serpente in the last few centuries.

Before the start of the battle, the warrior elevates his huge weapon, and delivers a deafening battle cry, which resounds throughout the dry valley that surrounds Mount Uluru.

This cry commands the Crystal Pillars to unleash intangible luminous forms which rush towards his enemies, spiting blue flames, scattering them and causing them to rout in an uncontrollable stampede.

The bright lights and cries of the Pulse Creatures assaulting Mount Uluru slowly dissipate to infinity, like a slowly erased dot of light, as they are destroyed by the luminous forms. On the other side of the battle, each use of this weapon by the luminous forms, sacrifices their own existence, leaving tremendous gaps in knowledge and experience that could be taught to the younger warriors of the Serpente.

The Crystal Pillars hold the souls of ancestors of the tribe of Serpente, and can be used as a supreme last line of defense, as long as there is someone to activate them…